About Us

ATEXIS, established in 2011 as a specialized subsidiary of the ALTEN Group, manages technically complex and challenging projects with the goal of balancing the operational performance, availability and cost of highly technical systems. With more than 1000 skilled and experienced employees, ATEXIS has advanced its presence in over 20 locations across France, Germany, Spain, Romania and India.

Our main strengths include our expertise and positioning in the Technical Documentation segment, handling complex transnational projects in the aerospace, naval, energy, medical technology, automotive and railway industries. From RAMS engineering studies and the development of maintenance concepts up to eLearning solutions and customized training concept, ATEXIS improves and enhances the processes of complex technical systems throughout the complete lifecycle.

Our top objective is to optimize the support systems and services that our customers offer the end users of complex machinery across the entire lifecycle. This lets our customers concentrate on their core business, while we apply our technical and organizational knowledge and experience to provide the high-quality customer support that accompanies their products.


Since the ATEXIS service delivery concept is very flexible, we can easily tailor our offer to your needs. We support you with a wide range of services, from consulting up to the production of work packages and the management of complete processes, both locally and on a transnational level. Our “one-stop shop” philosophy is the basis of our international flexibility: Our customers have a single contract with ATEXIS, but benefit from the services and expertise of the entire Group – worldwide.


ATEXIS and the ALTEN Group

With more than 20,000 employees, the ALTEN Group is the leading engineering service provider for major clients in all key industries. With a worldwide presence, the ALTEN Group achieves a total turnover of € 1.5 billion per year.

In its core business, ALTEN supports its clients in the areas of innovation, research & development, and IT systems. Supporting the core business, ALTEN has a variety of subsidiaries providing specialized technical solutions, to ensure that the Group covers all stages of the lifecycle of complex systems. ATEXIS, MI-GSO, B2i, ANOTECH ENERGY, and AVENIR CONSEIL are just a few of these highly specialized subsidiaries.

ATEXIS’ Strengths