Quality Management


Quality management is a key factor in our success. The ATEXIS quality management system requires our management to thoroughly plan, implement, monitor and reassess all of our work, processes and projects. This approach allows us to provide high-quality services at competitive prices.

The ATEXIS quality management system comprises tools and methods that ensure the production of consistently high-quality services and on-time delivery, while diligent risk management facilitates compliance with all key performance indicators (KPIs). The quality management system helps define our internal structures, responsibilities, and distribution of tasks, thereby guaranteeing successful and efficient project structures and communication.

Quality Standards Policy

As a provider of highly-technical services, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers ensure a steady workload and sustain our business success over the long-term. We meet this objective by performing high-quality work. At ATEXIS, that means being reliable, adhering to deadlines and requirements, as well as ensuring occupational safety and compliance with legal requirements.

We guarantee the fulfillment of contractual specifications by planning, controlling, monitoring, and continuously improving our processes and results. We vigorously enforce this through our quality management system. Training and specialization programs result in highly responsible, skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Reliability and fairness are important to us in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners. These values are the foundation of their trust in us and in our work, which in turn allows us to establish and maintain successful long-term relationships.

We provide our partners, suppliers and customers with designated contact persons and are strongly committed to providing quality services. We accomplish this through a clearly structured organization combined with well-defined responsibilities and interfaces.

We achieve our objective of being a reliable, innovative and efficient partner by continuously improving our project management, optimizing our processes, and standing by our commitments.

Quality Added Value


ATEXIS’ quality management system is based on the concept of process management, which means that a work breakdown structure is created in cooperation with the operational management. On the basis of this analysis, process descriptions with dedicated workflows are developed for every identified key process. Adopting the lean philosophy approach, we visualize our processes and process performance through control panels, which allow us to determine which process steps can be improved. In this way, our quality department helps optimize the support we provide you.


Quality assurance is focused on planning, documenting and collaborating on a set of guidelines that are necessary to ensure the required quality. A quality assurance plan is created at the beginning of each project and then monitored through performance indicators.

One of our company’s key objectives is to consistently improve the right first time (RFT) quality indicator. RFT is an indicator that measures whether a task has been completed in accordance with requirements right at the first try. The continuous improvement of both our internal and our customers’ quality indicators is one of the main goals of our quality management policy.

Delivering on time, on budget, and on quality – getting it right the first time – that is ATEXIS’ constant aim. We assign key employees to each project, employees who have vast experience in the field, who identify issues at various stages of the project and recommend actions to eradicate them, thus preventing potentially costly delays at a later point.

These employees are trained, coached and qualified to ensure the quality of the delivered services, to continuously improve the team’s knowledge and efficiency, and to identify ways in which people could work better or where tools and processes could be optimized. At ATEXIS, we know that setting ever higher quality standards is crucial to maintaining our success.


The ATEXIS quality management system supports our operational and administrative business by promoting continuous improvement. We ensure ongoing improvement by applying the PDCA (plan, do, check, act) method. In the planning phase, both the goals and the processes needed to reach them are defined. These processes are then implemented in the “do” phase. In the subsequent “check” stage, the processes and their degree of fulfillment are monitored and analyzed, and if needed, we implement corrective actions. During the final “action” phase, goals and processes are reassessed and optimized. Then the cycle starts again with new plans. By adhering to the PDCA cycle, we assure continuous improvement.

Lean Tools and Methods

  • SIX Sigma
  • FMEA
  • 8D Method
  • Ishikawa Diagram
  • 5 Why
  • Pareto / Top 10
  • PDCA
  • Continuous Improvement Management