Find here the most common frequently asked questions about applications at ATEXIS.

No. We take on projects or work packages from our customers, which will frequently be executed in our own offices. Of course, there is close interaction with the customer, but your superior will be a manager within ATEXIS. If your workplace will be on our customer’s premises, we will inform you during the recruitment process.

No. We are interested in keeping our employees with us permanently and in keeping turnover low. Usually our projects are extended or there will be follow-up projects you can work on. We work on many long-term projects with durations ranging from 12 months to 5 years. If we only intend to employ you on a temporary basis, we will inform you in advance.

Yes, of course. We also offer positions in our administrative back office, and there are many projects in which general technical understanding and knowledge matter most.

It is true that some companies work that way – we do not. We review each application personally. Even if you do not meet our requirements, you may be perfect for an upcoming job. We do not want to miss the opportunity to find out about your skills and potential by eliminating you from the recruitment process prematurely.

Please apply in either the local language of the country you are applying for, or in English, if you feel more comfortable with that language. In addition, if you are interested in an international career, please at least include an English version of your CV.

That really depends on the country and project you are working in. In many cases, good knowledge of English is mandatory. Skills in the local language are always a plus, although it is not required for all jobs. Please check the respective job offer to see what language(s) the position requires. What we value most is that you are willing to learn the local language.

Yes, please do! There are always interesting new projects coming up where we might need your skills and experience. We are especially interested in technicians, engineers, technical authors and project managers, but applicants from other fields and professions are welcome, too.

Please contact the recruiter in the country where you want to work. We look forward to hearing from you! Your main contacts are:

Marie Laurent, Recruitment Manager, +33 (0) 562 85 01 07, marie.laurent@atexis.eu
Julienne Cineus, Recruitment Manager, +33 (0) 1 46 08 91 04, julienne.cineus@atexis.eu
Julie Petitguyot, Recruiter, +33 (0)4 37 44 33 39, julie.petitguyot@atexis.eu

Franziska Mehnert, Recruiter, +49 (0) 40 54 75 264 161, franziska.mehnert@atexis.eu

Denisia Herghelegiu, Recruiter, +40 (0) 799 403 270, denisia.herghelegiu@atexis.eu
Rares Strajeru, Recruitment Assistant, +40 (0) 799 113 033, rares.strajeru@atexis.eu

Reyes Flores, Recruiter, +34 (0) 954 047 532, reyes.flores@atexis.eu
Alejandro Estrada, Recruiter, +34 (0) 747 795 067, alejandro.estrada@atexis.eu

All of our job offers refer to positions we are currently hiring for. You might notice that some of our job offers are online for a longer period of time, that is because we are growing in these areas and frequently looking for new colleagues to expand our teams.

We will support you with your integration into the ATEXIS team in various ways. In the initial training phase, we provide you with all the knowledge you need to ensure a good start to your new job. For more information, go to Your Career.

If you apply via the recruitment tool on our website, please create an account and upload your application. Then apply, with your uploaded data, to all the jobs you are interested in. If you prefer to apply by email, please send us only one application and list the jobs you are interested in.

Good to know that you are interested in developing your skills and advancing your career. We have several predefined paths you can follow – see our Career Development section on the page Your Career.

As an international group, we try to offer international mobility opportunities to our employees. Of course, we cannot always guarantee you a job assignment in another country, but we are developing an international mobility program that will make it easier to work in another ATEXIS country for a period of time or even permanently.

The general process consists of screening your CV, followed by a telephone interview, a first and second personal interview, and in some cases, the recruitment process also includes English and technical tests. We try to keep this process as short as possible, but sometimes it takes longer because our management travels a lot. For more detailed information, see our Recruitment Process.

We have different jobs depending on your previous experience. We expect all our employees to have at least gained some experience through internships or student jobs. For more information on how to join us, go to Entry Opportunities.