How to Join ATEXIS


As a growing company, we are constantly looking for new colleagues with diverse skills and experience. It is important to us to not only find someone with the required technical knowledge, but also a new employee who will become a real colleague and team member. In this section, you can find out more about our selection process.

Reasons to Join Us

Entry Opportunities

Ideally, you were able to acquire some practical experience during your studies, which you can now further develop at ATEXIS. We understand that the first real job after graduation can be very exciting and filled with questions. Maybe you are uncertain about processes or about your knowledge with respect to the job. This is common, and at ATEXIS, you will be mentored by an experienced colleague who will help you with your transition into working life.

Are you an experienced professional looking for new challenges? Maybe a new technology or more responsibility? Why don’t you join our company in a responsible position that requires your professional experience and independent work style?

Technical Functions

If you are a technician or engineer, we are very interested in your technological and methodological knowledge. With your technical background, we can offer you a wide variety of tasks in different industries, such as risk analyses for naval vessels or the development of simulator trainings for pilots. Whatever your job will be, we will support you, so that you can use your knowledge effectively and increase your know-how.


In relation to our other teams, our administrative teams are relatively small. In some of our countries, you might share the responsibility for your duties with only one other person. Consequently, these jobs are great for your personal and professional development, but they also require a large degree of self-reliance and involve a lot of responsibility. That is why we are looking for experienced and highly motivated colleagues for our administrative positions.

For our management positions, we are looking for empathic and well-organized leaders. You should be able to manage financial and strategic matters and lead and support your team. Since we have a flat organization, all our managers are highly involved in developing and shaping the company.

Recruitment Process

We are looking for dynamic, team-oriented colleagues who are proactive and have a hands-on mentality.


    Send us your application. Remember that your CV should be concise and include all relevant details.


    Depending on the job and country you are applying for, we will ask you to take an English test and a technical test at some point during the recruitment process.


    At ATEXIS, the interviewing process begins with a phone screening so that one of our recruiters can get to know you, understand your motivation, and find out more about your knowledge and previous work experience.


    If the phone interview is successful, we will invite you to a personal interview. During the interview, we want to learn more your professional experience and ask you detailed questions about it. Depending on the country you are applying for, these discussions might be split into a technical and a motivation interview.

  2. OFFER

    If we feel that you would be a good addition to our team and you are interested in joining us, we will offer you a job.

  3. JOIN US

    During your first months at ATEXIS, you will go through an onboarding period which includes a welcome day as well as theoretical and on-the-job training.

Show us that you are technically oriented, have good communication skills and are motivated to learn new things. We will be happy to have you join us as a colleague!

Questions? Contact our recruiters!

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Recruitment Manager
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Site Manager / HR
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