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At ATEXIS, the knowledge and skills of our employees are our most valuable asset. Therefore, we accompany and support the professional development of all employees – starting from onboarding and initial training up to dedicated career development plans.


The first days at a new job and a new company are always very exciting and can be a bit overwhelming. We understand that, and we make it our duty to take special care of you during your first weeks with us, to help you feel comfortable in your new surroundings as quickly as possible.

ATEXIS accompanies you during the first phase of your integration into the company. During your first days on the job, a welcome meeting is organized to give new colleagues all the information they need about the ATEXIS organization, company rules, as well as IT and quality guidelines. In alignment with your knowledge and previous experience, we will provide you with in-depth initial training to make sure you have all the know-how you need to do a good job.

During and at the end of the onboarding phase, you will receive feedback on your work from your superior or the HR department. Since information and effective communication play a large role in motivation, we will also ask you for your input about your first months at ATEXIS. This allows us to continually improve our onboarding and training processes.

Each year, you and your supervisor meet together for an employee appraisal interview. The purpose of the appraisal is to analyze compliance with the objectives set for the previous year and define new goals for the current year.

Our aim is to provide our colleagues with the information and resources needed for their jobs, and to create an environment which makes it easy for them to take on responsibilities.


As a provider of services, our employees are our greatest asset. It is essential to us that everyone feels comfortable and confident in producing high-quality services. To ensure this, we will support you with technical and other training that is important for your day-to-day tasks. In the course of your career development, we will provide you with a variety of training courses. Some of them are focused on methods and technology, other on soft skills, such as project management or leadership training.

To manage your training needs, our HR departments collect the training requirements from our teams and managers for the purpose of preparing training plans. These plans include

  • Technical training
  • Tutoring/mentoring
  • Foreign language training
  • Methodological training
  • Soft skills training

At ATEXIS, we offer external training opportunities, but also promote internal training and the exchange of knowledge between employees.



Our career development plan allows you to choose your own path for your personal and professional development. The aim is to support you in your personalized career path, and to allow you to continue to learn and progress with the help of a structured path and training plan. Our career path system lets you advance as you further develop your skills and gain new experience. However, it is not mandatory to follow one of the paths. If you prefer hands-on work resolving day-to-day technical issues, we will be very pleased to have you on board as a seasoned colleague in one of our production teams.

Another advantage of our structured career path management is that it facilitates international mobility, which means you could support your team from abroad or join a new team in another country. You can relocate to one of our group countries permanently or just for a certain period of time.

Technical Path

Most of our colleagues are part of the production teams. As a graduate or a career changer, you will most likely join one of our production teams at the entry level. That means you will be supporting our customers with services such as risk analyses, Technical Documentation and eLearning. At this stage, you will learn about the core skills and know-how at ATEXIS.

This phase is followed by deciding on which path you will follow. Do you want to become an expert in technology, guidelines, language, etc.? Are you interested in organizing your team and project? Or do you prefer to develop your skills by exploring different projects via the technical path?

Expertise Path

This path allows you to expand your knowledge, skills and know-how in our company’s strategic domains. Your task is to support the project teams and business managers with your technical expertise. You will train colleagues, set up new projects, and support business managers with the compilation of technical proposals while also using your contacts and experience to acquire new projects.

Management Path

If you are well-organized, a good communicator and can motivate others, this might be your path. You will mobilize the skills of the company and optimize resource management, whether technical or financial.

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