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To offer our customers in Europe and around the world the very best support, we have a strong integrated group of ATEXIS companies in France, Germany, Romania and Spain. The locations of our offices are strategically chosen – e.g. in the north and south of Germany – to efficiently cover all of our customers’ local requirements.

Our internal supplier, ALTEN India, and the synergistic collaboration we have with the entire ALTEN Group are the ideal complement to our current Europe-centered positioning – and we are continuously expanding our presence around the world.

Visit the local country pages to learn more about the ATEXIS companies and where you can find us.

About ATEXIS Romania

In 2002, ATEXIS Romania was founded in Iasi. Initially, we were a small company with a team of 20 dynamic, open-minded consultants committed to delivering high-quality Technical Documentation. With each year, the team grew and expanded its portfolio, offering a range of excellent customer support services. Since its founding, ATEXIS Romania has transformed into a solution provider that truly opens a world of opportunities for its employees and customers.

When the original company was integrated into the ALTEN Group in 2008, we became an integral part of the international ATEXIS Group. Today, ATEXIS Romania has more than 250 employees who provide highly technical services to our customers in a variety of areas:

  • Technical Documentation
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management

We continue to grow by expanding our capabilities and experience along with our range of services. By diligently building teams that deliver innovative services and solutions on a consistently high quality level, we are a strong and reliable partner to our customers.

Our offices in Iasi are modern and friendly and, of course, they comply with the strictest health and safety standards. Our motivated employees, cultural openness, and technical expertise are just some of the key factors contributing to our success.

ATEXIS Romania

Our Office in Romania


Calea Chisinaului nr. 23
Cladirea Tester
700265 Iași

+40 (0) 232 40 61 18

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Calea Chisinaului nr. 23
Cladirea Tester
700265 Iași

+40 (0) 232 40 61 18