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This is what I like about this job, that there are always things to solve, to search, to clarify.

Gim - Technical Author, Germany

What did you do before you joined ATEXIS?

Before coming to ATEXIS Romania, my primary working experience was in the academic field, due to the fact that I studied philosophy for quite a few years. So, besides reading, I taught courses and seminars for students, teachers, etc. I also had some previous technical experience, working a few years as an AutoCAD technician for a small family company.

What do you like most about your job?

When I arrived at ATEXIS, in the first three months I was part of the A350 troubleshooting (AFI) team, then I became part of the maintenance (AM) team. I knew ATEXIS before joining the company and I knew that they are producing documentation for the aerospace industry. I was curious to explore this field, to see what producing aerospace documentation is about. As far as maintenance is concerned, I discovered that the most important skills are a good mastery of English, analytical thinking and technical imagination.

How has your job changed since you started working here?

Since I started t ATEXIS, I developed with the A350 project. In this way, I had the opportunity to witness the complexity of such a project from the perspective of our team. There were and are some challenging times, when the tasks are complex and time is short.But this nevertheless constitutes a challenge, one which you choose to take or not. From the beginning, I chose to get involved as much as I could, to understand – as much as possible – the big picture, but also the details.

What makes you want to stay at ATEXIS?

There are two things which I appreciate above all at ATEXIS:

a) If you want to learn and develop, you are free to ask everyone in the team, and colleagues offer you their know-how, and their way of solving issues

b) I applied the first point extensively, which led me to discover that as you grow, greater responsibilities open up, so you can test yourself to see how proficient you can become.

Please describe your career evolution at ATEXIS.

My basic philosophy was this: Prove that you are good enough, and career opportunities may come. In time, at ATEXIS, I became a proofreader, then the deputy project manager, now I am a technical author and focal point in Hamburg, Germany. What is most important is that I received these opportunities and that I did not lose my interest: I still have very much to learn, I still wait for future challenges. And this is what I like about this job, that there are always things to solve, to search, to clarify. It is a continuous endeavor to organize the working process and yourself, to adapt to change and to provide the client with something that you consider to be as good as it can be.