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We have many nice and young colleagues; everything is comfortable and informal and we have flat hierarchies.

Sarah - Project Leader, Germany

What is your current position and what is your professional history at ATEXIS?

My current task is the management of a documentation project in the aviation industry on a transnational level. That means I am responsible for three teams. One each in Germany and Romania and, in addition, the teams in Spain – in Seville and Madrid. Before I became a project leader, I worked as a technical author for three years.

Can you describe your job and your main tasks?

My main task is handling the technical communication with Airbus and the distribution of the workload. I always try to distribute tasks according to the skills and preferences of the authors. I also participate in many meetings with our quality manager, with the Airbus employees, and with my teams, of course. I also do a lot of proofreading, but I rarely write anymore myself – I just don’t have the time for that. Additionally, I am responsible for quality assurance within the teams in order to prevent mistakes as far as possible.

What is the hardest/most complicated part of your job?

The most difficult and complicated part of my job is managing the balance between quality and quantity. On the one hand, we have to adhere to strict delivery dates. However, we are also evaluated according to the quality of our work, which we continually have to improve. That is a big challenge.

What do you like about working at ATEXIS?

What I like about ATEXIS is the aircraft and aerospace industry. I would never have thought that during my studies, not even when I applied for the job at ATEXIS. I was afraid that the field might be too difficult for me. Then I quickly noticed that you can learn anything if you just make an effort and have basic technical knowledge.

Apart from that, we have many nice and young colleagues; everything is comfortable and informal and we have flat hierarchies.

I also like that I can always talk to my boss, even when something is bothering me. Then we sit together and discuss the problem; no need to be afraid of anything.

What was your biggest challenge at ATEXIS so far?

I studied international technical communication at the University of Hildesheim. It is a translation study program that includes the mechanical engineering and electrical engineering disciplines. The focus was to understand technical contents quickly and to be able to explain them.

After graduating, I went to England for an internship. There, I had a variety of tasks while working for an agency that arranged language-learning vacations. I mainly supported marketing, for example by translating website texts and taking phone calls from customers throughout Europe. Later, I also supported the accounting department.

Then I found the interesting job ad from ATEXIS and applied immediately. The job ad was great because they didn’t expect 10 years of professional experience in order to even accept my application. It was obvious that ATEXIS was open to hiring graduates. I had the first telephone interview while I was still in England. Two weeks after I had returned to Germany, I was already invited to a personal interview. Everything happened very quickly.