ATEXIS utilizes the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) methodology to help you efficiently achieve the optimal balance between the operational performance, availability and cost of highly technical systems. Find out more about our range of services here.


Technical Documentation


In-Service Support


Project Management

To meet our customers’ needs, we offer flexible solutions and services spanning from consulting up to large-scale transnational projects. We define and set up your project, manage it during its execution, and ensure successful completion. Here, you can learn how we adapt our solutions to your needs.

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Quality Management

As a specialist in our field, we have merged our technical knowledge and quality assurance expertise into a highly-specialized quality management system. This system is vital to our success, it ensures well-defined and smooth processes as well as the on-schedule and excellent performance of our services.

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Offshore and Transnational Management

Our international structure and extensive project management capabilities allow us to offer our customers flexible, cost-efficient solutions. We have experience in a wide range of industries and a variety of project sizes. Learn more about our international organization and project management here.

One of our largest transnational projects is the production of the IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog) for commercial aircrafts. About 150 employees in India and Romania produce related texts and technical illustrations in cooperation with front offices in Germany and France. The front offices handle all of the financial and organizational aspects of the projects and perform quality checks. This approach allows us to provide flexible services, maintain local contact with our customer, and produce high quality results – all at a competitive price.

Another established multinational project focuses on maintenance documentation for a military aircraft. We create texts and illustrations for the maintenance tasks, including system descriptions, maintenance procedures, fault isolation and troubleshooting. The over 40 employees involved in this project are located in the front offices in France, Germany and Spain as well as in our nearshore office in Romania. We worked on this project even through the development phase of the aircraft. During that stage, the project was very multifaceted, and both the aircraft and its maintenance documentation were prone to many changes. Our project organization allowed us to combine direct communication in our customer’s local languages with versatile services and competitive prices.

Following our primary goal of providing our customers with high standards and efficient service, we also entered the automotive industry in 2014, setting up a project dealing with spare parts management. For this project, we have a local front office as the commercial and technical interface with the customer and a back office in Romania that creates and updates spare parts catalogs for trucks.