Project Management

ATEXIS is an expert at setting up cost-effective and flexible services. From consulting to the management of work packages, ATEXIS offers an array of service setups to provide the best solution for your needs. Whatever type of contract and project setup is required, we specialize in developing customized and marketable service solutions. Utilizing sophisticated management tools and methods, we provide services of the highest level while staying on-schedule and consistently meeting quality expectations.

Reflecting our philosophy, ATEXIS is committed to:

  • A highly customized project setup aligned with our customers’ needs and their maturity of the technical program
  • An optimized, well-developed organizational structure that can involve nearshore and offshore locations to meet our customers’ budgets
  • Applying the one-stop shop principle, with one local office as the customer’s main point of contact, but utilizing the services of the entire ATEXIS Group – worldwide
  • A service continuity guarantee to ensure that disruptions do not occur during the transition of the workload to ATEXIS

Every project has three key phases that are vital for its success. ATEXIS ensures the diligent completion of each phase, thereby creating successful project structures.

  • Design of a customized project organization within the ATEXIS Group. This can range from a purely local structure to a multinational one, or from a one-person project to a large-scale project involving several hundred people.
  • Determination of potential cooperation with partners and subcontractors if additional expertise or capacity is needed.
  • Implementation of production processes and tools in accordance with our customer’s requests and requirements.
  • Review of processes based on the latest quality standards.
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and reporting tools to steer our production of services in an efficient and targeted manner.
  • Implementation of an efficient IT structure that complies with our customer’s IT security regulations and specifications.
  • Recruitment and establishment of interdisciplinary and multinational teams – our staffing philosophy emphasizes mixing educational backgrounds and professional experiences so that our employees can share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Training of the new project team, whether they are experienced professionals or recent graduates who receive customized training plans to help them become experts in their fields.
  • Refinement of processes and organization along with support during the workload transition phase.
  • Assessing team performance, auditing and benchmarking processes, tools and skills.
  • Improving and fine-tuning to increase the scalability and flexibility of production.
  • Collecting feedback and sharing best practices with teams, partners and customers.
  • Implementing and steering a continuous improvement plan to further reduce costs and cycle times.